Sad But True

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Originally I had planned to say something about birthday's and how little then matter when you get over the 30 mark. Certainly for myself its just another day and it hadn't even crossed my mind, that another one for me was due in the next few weeks. And also discuss the alarming amount of money parents spend on their offspring by throwing lavish parties, in some bizarre form of competition against neighbours and friends.

Then again, we have a few weeks to build up to such a topic.

Instead football matters. Rovers picked up their first win of the season on Saturday past with a solid performance away at Peterhead. Glad we managed to get the winning goal - despite having 3 chopped off by the referee. Speaking of which Hearts (not one of my favourite teams) put in a decent performance this evening, only hampered by some soft decisions.

And each page of Anansi Boys is a delight.

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