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Monday, August 07, 2006

This latest update was meant to provide a brief overview of who we had seen over the festival show, but out of the four shows we had booked, we only managed to make two. Sometimes what seems like a good idea on paper proves too troublesome when you consider the restrictions of rail travel and pressures of work.

A disappointment, but as I didn't pay for the tickets, its no great loss or my place to criticise. Sometimes you're just glad to be out of Edinburgh at this time of year, rather than engaging in a merry dance with the crowds.

Ploughing through Geoff Ryman's latest, which is very readable and doesn't take too much thought from the reader. Just go with the flow (as it were) and see where the adventure takes you. However I have picked up Gary Braunbeck's In The Midnight Museum once again - after only reading the first 40 pages. Somehow now it seems more refreshing and urgent.

On reflection I've been reading so much fantasy and sci-fi, that it's nice to check out some horror or adventure styled reads for a short while. The same will probably happen for my current video game, as I feel the need to break off from Oblivion and go back. Perhaps retrace my steps to GTA San Andreas, as that remains uncompleted and I need to put some effort in before the next adventure/bloodbath arrives. Credit to Capcom for the Dead Reckoning demo which is great fun.

I've also taken the opportunity to add some more author blog links and a section of small publishers - both are far from finished but why not go exploring and see what's out there?

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