Lucy Porter - Good Life - Review

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ah, don’t you just love overcrowded and roasting Fringe venues? By day a dingy bar is turned into a small amphitheatre for the return of Lucy Porter in her new show The Good Life. Forget all about health and safety.

Lucy was at pains to ignore the 70’s sitcom of the same name and instead explain how she is trying to lead a good life in today’s capitalist society. The message is we should all be doing our bit, and this applies to sponsors of major events. However this theme was only an opening springboard and closing piece, as Lucy branched out into her sex life (or lack of it) and failures as a woman. Punctuated with the odd exchange with a soon regretful audience member.

M quite enjoyed the show, which (without sound sexist) was ideally pitched towards the female contingent. Rather than provoking rapturous laughter, I found myself smirking or nodding in approval than feeling the need for anything else. It was nice rather than anything more substantial – just like the Good Life.

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