Monday, August 28, 2006

So the news is that Dean has persuaded me to come back onto GS in some capacity to help out backstage. Until my exam in October I don't really want to commit or make false promises - we'll see how it goes - and of course other things must come first as well.

In a way it's good to be involved to some degree, as I don't think since the relaunch things have gone to plan, and now I do have some influence. There are enough 360 and DS reviews but little else besides. I won't be able to romp through games as I used to, but my more eclectic taste (for PS2 titles) should provide some needed variety. Previews are easy enough, and if I can think of a worthwhile feature topic it'll be done.

More good news is that I had a flashback in the middle of the night, and believe I now know where GTA San Andreas is located - we'll put that to the test this evening.

Digging out the Xbox meant that I stupidly put on Championship Manager, which I've now vowed to hide away. At least I should be acquiring Let's Make A Soccer Team later this week, as a fun replacement. However I should have some opportunity tonight for Doom 3, as I strive for the ending. It's a terrifying game with the atmosphere it creates (mostly down to the sound). I may keep an eye out for the update (Resurrection of Evil) that appeared on Xbox when it reaches a bargain price.

And for those of you crying out about my revision, I have done the first 1.5 chapters and will continue with small stints throughout the week.

Oh and I just finished Anansi Boys, wonderful and a real entertainer.

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