Assignment 8

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bombshell this week when we received confirmation of when the 9 (or a minimum of 7) assignments had to be in by, and the written test paper as well. Needless to say some have shifted the exam back until April 2007, whereas I'm just going for it in October this year.

That means one to be completed (on taxation, which really has little to do with my role) being done this weekend, and the next by the following. Dedication and developing a routine is all that is required, I sometimes wonder when I'm busy than most and yet still manage to get these things done. I'm already developing a revision timetable, but lets avoid that just for now.

So the weekend is here - did manage the pub tonight to see another work colleague off - which is turning into a regular thing (next one in 3 weeks). And tomorrow we have one of M's best friends (and longest) coming over for the night. This will allow me to vanish upstairs to finish off this assigment and maybe some gaming opportunity. Although this could be at the cost of some of my better bottles of wine.

And above is the table which has taken a few months to arrive. Lovely piece of oak. Hopefully the outstanding 5 suspects don't take as long to be located.

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