Saturday, July 22, 2006

Steady As I Go

Enjoyable night out with some work colleagues last night. Always good to catch up, as you don't really have the opportunity during working hours (and we're spread out across various departments now). At times it feels like we are survivors of something (I hate to use a World War comparison) where the number of survivors each year dwindles.

Luckily it wasn't a long night, as M wanted to check out the Next sale for household reductions. This decision was only taken at midnight. I despise sales, and this was my first Next visit, when they open the doors at 4am. Yes, that's right, 4am.

The picture above doesn't do justice to just how many folk were there. The carpark was almost full, just because of one sale, within one shop. And it was certainly crazy once you ventured inside.

I've never been to such a sale at that time. The nearest would be console launches at midnight, which is an ok time but even then I always dumped the purchase on the floor and headed straight for bed, when I got in. It is also crazy what crap (and lets face it, most of it is) folk buy in such sales, especially from the clothes section.

The Others

Just how fab is the new Muse album? Total prog-rock excess, which I'm almost ashamed to admit enjoying. Thom Yorke hasn't had a chance yet to impress.

I've completed the Bruce Sterling short story collection. Mixed thoughts as usual. Very few short stories have a strong level of quality, as it's a rollercoaster of tales and experiences. Overall, however it was a reasonable read, with a couple of shorts that deserve repeat reading. Longer review due when I complete my latest assignment.


Reached a stage in the story where I don't seem to be able to progress, which means I've missed something in a previous quest. Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of the cause this afternoon. This delay was not helped by the fact I decided to jump off some cliffs for a laugh, without saving beforehand. Lesson learned.

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