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Monday, July 31, 2006

Waving goodbye to July for someone who lives in or around Edinburgh, ultimately means the arrival of the maddest month for the city. Yes, it's the month of festivals - too numerous to mention.

M & I, have four shows to check out over the course of next weekend, which acts as the Fringe preview run. She also has Four Po ofs and a Piano (from the Jonathan Ross tv show), but I passed over that. I'm not a fan of their brand of humour and cannot see how it can be stretched out over 40 minutes or so. The girls will probably love it though. At the end of the week I'll reflect on what we've seen.

And that's us for the Festival, as our holiday takes us away when we'd be normally enjoying other shows. Finances also dictate a cautious approach, as shows are becoming increasingly expensive. I quite fancied some of the Film Festival this year - some interesting choices - especially Kevin Smith being in town for Clerks 2. Don't know if they should have done a sequel, however its funny they haven't aged in the promo shots. Rounding off festivities will be a lecture at the Edinburgh Book Festival, with Ian MacLeod and Charles Stross.

Fingers crossed this year I don't get pulled up on stage to do some kung fu. Anyone going to the superb Jump (South Korean martial arts comedy show), don't sit on an aisle seat unless you fancy your chances. Being up on stage and seeing those performers move around me was a huge eye-opener. The speed of movement, reflexes, fitness and choreography. M still laughs every time she thinks of it, in fact that night she just wouldn't stop laughing. What a shame she did not have a camera. The audience seemed to appreciate my efforts - when was the last time you did a forward role, followed by a kung fu move?

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