Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Having a long weekend provided the opportunity for many things including the main story mode of Oblivion, which I'm pleased to say is now complete. Without giving it away, I quite enjoyed the finale, although the world seems empty now it's over. The main characters are now waiting on the next event that will not arrive until the next release (if at all).

However I am now the champion, and this means respect from everyone. This will make the remaining quests a little easier. So at 33 hours, I can now turn my attention to finishing off the remaining additional quests, which are many and vary greatly. This week I plan to focus on the Fighters Guild, and become top dog. Given the power and abilities of my character (as opposed to the beginning of the game), this should be a meteoric rise to the top.

The plan is to complete everything possible, before downloading additional missions and then basking in the glory of overcoming and experiencing what Oblivion has to offer. Perhaps when it's all done I'll consider my Gamestyle future, and that should tie in with my exams in October.

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