Sunday, June 04, 2006

The WC is almost upon us and to support my office sweep team (German) I've managed to pick up (in addition to large flag) a car flag which comes on a pole and a Ballack top, which does look very similar to the real thing but obviously is a copy and mass produced by kids in China.

Rats & Gargoyles is tough going - not in terms of the story - but just the sheer scope and invention. Different layers of a city rising, various local councils and characters all shooting off in different directions. It is an achievement that the author has kept things together so far.

Starting to consider moving on from the mini-disc age and reach the IPOD era. Of course there is the ease of use and having a widespread selection easily to hand - including M's dubious taste. And I've got to say this BOSE system was quite impressive when I saw it the other day. So for a couple of hundred quid, you've got an immediate music selection - which sounds good - in the living room. And the white colour scheme would fit in.

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