Monday, June 05, 2006

Family Trees

Interesting few hours searching M's family tree for her aunt's who have done alot of research but mostly paperbased. Of course with me around it turns into the computerised form and using the census (going back to 1841) we've managed to piece together even more of their family tree. Interestingly, one relative is proving rather elusive even though in terms of the tree he is not the most remote, or oldest relative we've managed to locate.

So by pushing back the tree into the 1700's I think I've done a good job. Where things really break down is the lack of Scottish material, as their census or parish records are not readily available. And while we can piece together large chunks of the English tree, we are struggling to find large sections of the Scottish end from only the early 1900's.

It's something I've never done before but it is fascinating. Just looking back on these individuals and where they lived, immediate relatives and in some cases their employment and house address. Certainly given M's family (which is now mine, I know) more material to work on.

As for my own family I do remember my gran researching the tree - or paying someone to do so - very early on in my childhood. So I will look into that aspect over the coming days.

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