Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's happening next

Really like that picture below, so much so its the backdrop on the PC. Should take more when I have the chance.

I'm racing through James Barclay's latest adventure. Just breached the 700 page mark and have only another hundred to go. I'm enjoying the tale in a new world, but James has relied on many strengths from his previous books - so it's not the radical departure I was expecting. This is good, and bad news at the same time.

As the first book in a new series it is laying the foundations for future tales, and planting seeds left, right and centre. Another winner for sure, but one that probably isn't going to attract new fans to his work.


Coming along at a steady speed. Currently more previews and reviews going up. I'm using a freeware program for the screenshots called FastStone, which is excellent. Very straightforward to set up batch runs that relabel, resize and reformat many pictures; saving me valuable time.

This is easily the hardest version we've had to put together to date. Having to reloaded everything from scratch hasn't helped, but we are almost there.

Other bits

PS Publishing has just released the latest issue of Postscripts with hopefully some excellent short stories (mine is on order, so too early to say).

Almost the weekend and a busy and tiring week is drawing to a close. Hectic at work but that's to be expected. At least we'll have some blinds in the house from tomorrow! And the rest of the lawn has been laid and new plants, planted. Will take a picture over the weekend of it all. Then we just need to sort out the monoblocking that is going in later this month.

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