Monday, May 22, 2006

Snagging Day

Yes today we're off work (and tomorrow come to think of it) purely to let all the workmen in to fix various things around the house. The cul-de-sac in which we live has been taken over by a fleet of white vans. So far (and it's still mid-afternoon as I write this), we've had joiners, kitchen fitters, patio door guy, fence guys, painter, plumber and the landscape gardeners who are out back I we speak.

The electrician still needs to appear, but when he does it's safe to say we've had the full set. The fireplace has also been fitted in the livng room, and it is growing on M minute by minute. I quite like it, and I also managed to get the Honda lawnmower all kitted out for it's fun run, but then the heavens opened and it started to rain. See, there is a god up there!

I've also finished Postscripts 6 and it is a real offering of variety, with one exceptional story in particular. Zoran does it again with The Hotel Room. I have already reviewed the issue and will have news on that shortly.

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