Monday, May 01, 2006

Setting up camp

Feeling all settled know and M is beginning to believe the place is now hers, which is good after all the work we've put into reaching this stage. Some minor snagging still to be resolved (on 22nd) but we're more than happy with the way things have turned out.

Back into the site and pushing those Xbox reviews onwards. Did just the 20 today and will do likewise tomorrow. Back to work, which I don't mind at all as you need to have something to take care of the bills and mind.

Work night out was a laugh last Friday, and the muppets all drank way too much. I was feeling particulary bad come Saturday (which is a rarity) but did pull through to M's good books by going shopping in Kirkcaldy. Never again though (the drink).

Picked up the Snow Patrol album today and its listenable although I'm unsure if it is as good as the previous album. Time will tell. They're one bad I just don't want to see live as having seen some footage, I felt they are terrible onstage.

On the playing side I'm going through Marc Ecko's Getting Up for the PS2. At first I thought this would be a bland graffiti release without the charm of Jet Set Radio. However I'm being proven wrong as it comes across more like the Warriors with that urban gritty, gang warfare type style. Real respect throughout the game for the legends of the art and several pop up during the storyline. Once I'm done with it, I'll see if Mike wants it as he's into this urban street culture thang, boy!

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