Sunday, May 28, 2006

Over and Out

What happened to that weekend? I just don't know, although some of it has been lost in a haze due to a cold. But that hasn't stopped the completion of the first in the History of the Runestaff series. I'll be reading the next part (The Mad God's Amulet) during my travels to work this week.

Keeping it Real is also very enjoyable as I'm almost halfway through and have enjoyed the bodyguard meets blues brothers romp as it stands. Rock n' roll elves? Genius.


I've also gone back to Oblivion after losing my earlier progress (see early entry) and have pushed the main story past where I was previously. I really am going to explore everything this epic adventure has to offer. Somehow I've ended up with the Dark Brotherhood, fulfilling contracts, whilst trying to save the kingdom during my day job. Once I've done what is has to offer (give or take six months) then I'll get on with these extras, Bethesda has put up on the Marketplace. 2 or 3 missions so far.

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