Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last night you said

A shame Arsenal were robbed in the Champions League Final. Everyone says the best team in Europe won the competition, but I'd take marks off their glossy exam paper for the behaviour of their players.

I'm neutral, I don't support either side, but some of the play-acting and surrounding the referee was shameful. Football is a fantastic sport but it's being damaged greatly by such tactics that are widespread in European football, or world football, to be honest. I fear the World Cup won't be the event we all hope and crave it will.

Ref's, or more likely FIFA and UEFA should clamp down on diving and the associated bad behaviour, we're seeing more of. Puyol, Ronaldinho etc. just lost some of my respect last night, there was no need to resort to such measures as they did.

The Da Vinci Code The Movie

Sony Pictures must be bricking it. The feedback from those who have seen the film is very poor indeed, but what else could you expect with a wooden actor, a by-the-numbers director and one of the worst script writers in Hollywood? It's a recipe for a total, million dollar disaster, and it's going to come true.

I do think the film will do well in its opening weekend, but once word of mouth begins to penetrate the masses, then it will struggle. I quite enjoyed the book, which was read whilst in America (during the honeymoon) almost 2 years ago. However taking all that detail and plot twists, and putting it into a 150 minute movie is stupidity. It wasn't the greatest piece of writing to begin with, and any attraction it had seems to have been ruined by Hollywood.

Another part of the problem is the fact the film could never live up to the book. It's been everywhere, and almost everyone with a passing interest has read the thing. And many have no doubt made the mistake of going onto other work's by Dan Brown and discovering it's the same formula employed in a different set of circumstances, every time.

The movie has taken far to long to arrive on our screens (not helped by the court action), and I really doubt I will go and see the thing. If the film bombs, then Sony will be hoping the Playstation 3 will cover the deficit. Just who wants to pay £425 for a console, utilising a format no one really wants or needs, remains to be seen. Certainly most of the feedback on Gamestyle has been negative; it's just too much.

New Reading Material

I'm still waiting for Postscripts to arrive, so in the meantime I've started Gridlinked by Neal Asher, which was a 99p special from Waterstones. For some reason I want to call it Gridlocked, I don't know why but that's just me.


Our new Honda lawnmower arrived today, funnily we had asked it be delivered on Monday or Tuesday, so luckily we don't live in an area where boxes in the garden vanish. Luckily for the delivery company and the supplier, that is.

My Xbox 360 is on it's way back. 2-5 days and it will be delivered home, which means I probably won't be around (as we work for a living, don't we?) and I'll have to inform UPS, of my work address. Shame Microsoft didn't actually ask if I preferred such an option.


The semi-finals are on tonight (when were these invented?) on BBC 3. Cannot wait to see the finish entry, it should be in a league of its own. I will be voting for Finland with my mobile later - we've got to have them in the final.

The Eurovision is a guilty pleasure for some of us. It is unfashionable to admit to even liking the event, but over the years it's madness has grown on me. Somethings are meant to be very serious (I'm sure) but you cannot help but enjoy the madness of being a European.

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