Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So it's all kicking off now. Jeez, I cannot put into words how much I dislike E3. About 90% of the video games for this coming year are announced during this short period. Problem is many get lost in the frenzy (Halo 3, anyone?) and its hard work for guys like myself.

For instance this evening I've spent most of my home time cropping pictures, uploading previews and the odd bit of news. Most of the work won't be seen just yet as its on sections unavailable to the general public.

Funny thing is though, that the biggest video game announcement won't be made at E3. Yes, Gamestyle is returning and I'm pleased to say it will be back from...

No I'll save that for now. Check out the next Gamestyle Update (ie what's happening) which I should pen this weekend. If I live through all these game details or the wrath of M!

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