Monday, May 22, 2006

Changing of the guard?

Just sold Shadow of the Colossus on Ebay, and for me this is probably a milestone. The game itself (from what I experienced) is excellent, but after ICO I was just expecting something else. I've also got to be far more efficient when it comes to spending what little spare money we have at the moment. Also I find I have little patience for working out the weak points in the giant monsters.

So in my way of thinking, a video game on the shelf (which will probably remain there for sometime) is losing value, and being wasted. I could quite easily cash-in and pick up a book, which ultimately will provide more entertainment and emotional experiences. At least with the XBox 360 titles such as Morrowind more content is becoming available online for fans to download and enjoy. I've still yet to force myself back into the game, as starting from the beginning again is a daunting prospect, but in reality I only ever touched the surface of what it had to offer.

The game will probably turn out to be another like GTA where you love what you've seen, but finding the willpower (or time) to reach the final stages (or exploit every avenue) takes superhuman effort and dedication.

Oh, and the rain is pouring down now...

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