Friday, April 14, 2006

What else can happen?

Really quick update given the hour I'm typing this. What a mad 24 hours today. The PC last night decided to reject our modem - I'm unsure if anyone got past the firewall but something wasn't right - and the support desk didn't really have a clue.

So a total reinstall as I was fed up trying to locate the problem and thankfully it all seems ok. Also picked up a Wireless network for a good price, but need to tinker with the internet settings or something, so a call to another support desk is waiting for me. But after the past day, I'm holding back for now.

Managed to get into the new house and quite impressed. An added bonus is all the land to the side is ours, so we have a heck of a lawn and potential for an extension/conservatory on the side one day.


The PC problem didn't help the site. We're having to upload each every review, and create every single game, then upload screens/cover art. Managed 30 GC reviews tonight and gonna call it quits until tomorrow. GS has hundreds of reviews, so you can gather how long its going to take...

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