Thursday, April 27, 2006

We're In!

And so its finally happened and here I am in the hallway sitting at the PC doing a quick update.

A few things went wrong on the day, but these were out of our control and down to other people, which you cannot legislate for. For instance today, BT should have installed an extension in the 4th bedroom which we will be using as the office (aka games room). Now they're going tomorrow - I think someone messed up there. Hopefully tomorrow will rectify the situation. And that will be another off the list.

New on that list, is television aerial. These new houses have sockets for all sorts including radio. The problem being that I'm a bit clueless when installing an aerial in the loft, and M doesn't want to take any chances. Especially as with 4 leads to connect, its not as straightforward as I'd hoped.

Also we are living in a house with no curtains or blinds. Luck would have it that a nearby neighbour has a business doing these, so we shall see the range of goods tomorrow and hope for a quick tunaround if it goes ahead.

At least we managed to clean our old house and will hand the final sets of keys in tomorrow. It will be another early start as we will be woken up by the sun at about 6am. Parcel to collect, address details to be changed, car to be taxed, but at least the wine collection made it up the road safely and we're finally taking a moment to tuck into a bottle. The champagne has to wait for now, as we haven't come across the flutes yet!

More joys of being a houseowner for the 4th time tomorrow!

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