Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On your marks....

Well its the eve of the move, tomorrow. But that's no excuse for not getting this blog upto date!

Home alone and really finishing off breaking up things and making sure its all ready for the removal firm tomorrow. We've split everything into two camps; one for the removers and the other for us to transfer by car. The advantage of part exchange is now becoming clear - we have 48 hours to get out and get in. Unlike when we moved into our current house, where the window was only a couple of hours (and not ideal).

As much as I'm sure the removers will do a good job we're not trusting them with valuables such as wedding gifts, the PC and (it goes without saying) my machines.

The good thing about the move is its provided some impetus for us to clear out rubbish we've acquired. Most of it is down to M and her way of not throwing anything out/selling because it might offend someone. Really, if that's the case we should be moving to a warehouse, but she's coming around to my ruthless way of thinking and filing.

Luckily last night we got rid of the bathroom suite to a friend, which is a result as the cash is handy and the space saved, ideal. It was the one thing that the removal firm would not take, so we would have had to hire a van for an hour (if that's possible) to shift the suite. We've also raised some cash via carboots and selling, which my dad enjoys doing.

Moving to a new build you have to fork out for things you'd never really expect such as a television aerial, BT connection, curtains and blinds. Thankfully as we got a good deal on the new house we don't need to worry about carpets (3 grand saved), but M is already excited and planning rooms and curtains. Really, I'm tired of hearing about curtains already and we're not in. I expect our weekend will be taken up with such things - however we are going to get the right stuff and do the rooms as we can. Being only a couple in a 4 bedroom house, you don't need to worry about curtains in all the rooms for now...

Speaking of which, who will be our first guests? My parents are out of the sweepstake as they live locally, but I am amazed M's brother hasn't made plans yet. Being a master of DIY he is required to put fittings in the bathrooms (I am banned from this) and if possible help me floor the loft to put things up there. Maybe after the Arsenal game tonight we'll hear.

And what of Gamestyle? We are making steady progress. It's really got to be a team effort and only a few are helping out at the moment. The PS2 and GC reviews are in place, and Dean, Anna, Rogue (plus a couple of others) are munching away at the list (349 PS2 reviews for starters) finding screenshots. It's not an exciting job, but we won't be fully operational until its done - so hopefully a few more will find the time to pick from the list.

Inbetween moving stuff today, I will be working on the Xbox review list. The good thing about the situation is my move won't really impact on the progress, as I've built up a substantial lead over the picture guys. And hopefully (according to BT) we should be back online sometime on Thursday night. Until then, fingers crossed!

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