Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last night's bidding war did not really happen, although someone did have an early dig with an hour to go. Thanks to however that was and for everyone else that didn't step in with seconds to go. This now means I have the promo version of Hal Duncan's debut novel, which will jump to the top of my reading list when it arrives.

Little else on the radar at the moment. A cracking day in work, which just flew by in an instant. I have started the GRAW review, as I always like to pin down the introduction in advance of everything else. I'm a little rusty on the reviews which is only to be expected, having written just the one so far this year. Having taken my time with GRAW, the initial wow factor has subsided somewhat, leading to a more balanced assessment. So this weekend (apart from packing) will be taken up by starting another assignment and adding to the review.

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