Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let it snow

Nice sight to wake up to this morning, and the snow is still coming down as I type this. No doubt everything has ground to a halt outside, but I have no real reason (or desire) to go out and confirm.


Playing this for review and it's bringing back memories of my trip to Canada - where they love the sport, and my visit to the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. Within the complex they have a few interactive games that make you appreciate how tough and fast the sport really is. My only regret was that we didn't manage to catch a game whilst we were visiting, as the pre-season hadn't even begun.

The game itself is extremely playable. It's not a graphical juggernaut that will have EA diving for cover, but the options and ease of use really push it ahead in my book. Plenty of multiplayer options and it even supports online play with voice communicator. Unfortunately there is a real lack of online players, despite the game featuring lobbies, leagues and online rosters.


We have 2 weeks to complete the missives, which is all down to the lawyers. A few other things, but really it's with the people we are paying to get the job done now. All we need to do is sit back and wait - although talk of curtains, blinds and accessories fills the house already.


New season isn't it? My own interest in the sport has diminished since my teens, as its all become bland and predictable. I'll follow today's race, but I don't expect much to have changed, despite what the commentators tell us...

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