Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just where did it go?

I cannot believe the weekend is drawing down, and it's almost all over. The clock going forward an hour is part of the reason; everything feels out of place, especially when you get back in from a wedding in the wee small hours.

Fantastic wedding, which was almost an unofficial work night out come the evening parade. A great day, and they make a great couple.

Also yesterday marked the end of the current smoking regulations as the habit became banned in areas across the country. No more going out at night and returning smelly from smoke - nevermind the internal damage it does.

And we've been busy. Visiting a friend's 7 week old son, which is the first time we've had the opportunity to drop by. Ah, the sleepless nights and nappy changing, but the positives outweight the negatives for sure.

Also did a few jobs around the house including chopping up some wood and decor fittings that the previous owner left stashed in the garage. They've all be transformed down to a suitable size to be disposed of in the weekly rubbish collection. Also picked up various bobins for packing items, as we will need to get our socks on soon.

Ebay Bizarre

Regulars will know of my dislike of last minute bidders and no doubt many of us have been the subject of such a tactic. Imagine my surprise when two recent book auctions went without last minute intervention - so I've actually picked up the latest publications from James Barclay and Charles Stross. Long may it continue!

Black Dust - Graham Joyce

This small run publication is subtitled & other tales of interrupted childhood, as this is the subject matter of the three tales within. The contributions from other authors come in the form of short reviews of the work, and all the money raised goes to help a school in South Africa.

The three tales themselves deal with various emotions of being young and enjoying that innocent state before it's all at an end. The title tale certainly brought back memories of the mining community my own grandparents used to live in and the mess. However the other two tales were far more enjoyable; one a coming of age tale decades too late, and completing the trio a tale set amidst the most bizarre den I've heard of.

Austgate still have the very limited, signed hardback edition in stock or the cheaper paperback.

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