Monday, March 27, 2006

The Joys of Selling

"They're coming tonight" - five minutes later - "No they've just bought something else, but we do have someone who wants to view tomorrow!"

Such as the current joys of the house and M's patience getting thinner with each and every new viewer/change of time/not appearing. Personally we've sold, and we will try to be as accommodating as possible but some people just don't compute. So gone is the one tonight, and in it's place is one tomorrow night, which I hope doesn't clash with any match on TV. Also throw into the mix someone must have been around today, as the post was put aside - but just who exactly?

Speaking of post, for some reason yesterday the Royal Mail tried to make a delivery on a Sunday. Very surprised. I'll have to check out the reasoning behind that when I pick up the package (Ebay win) tomorrow night. Not worth going today as Charles Stross is enroute.

The newly weds will be on their way to London before flying off to Mexico for the honeymoon. I have great memories of our own HM and all the sights and things we did. I've been to New York twice now and will certainly make it a hat-trick in this lifetime. The intention was to take M for her 30th, but new houses tend to put a dent into anyone's plans.

I'm tired of listening to the chunky angst sounds of System of a Down, particularly their early stuff which I do find has a real primal thrust to it. Instead I've gone full circle to Simon & Garfunkel - not a fashionable choice, yet marvellous songwriters with huge talent.

On the ebay front I have decided to go full steam ahead to acquire Hal Duncan's Vellum. A book I've had my eye on for ages; a great debut work and very collectable. Fingers crossed...

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