Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy weekend

Not only contending with the wedding today, but we've got to start organising matters towards this impending move. That not only involves packing, sorting out what we will take and what needs binned but also selling on some items we have lying around the house.

We did take a trip up to the house last night as the cul de sac has now been opened, although the pavement needs finished. Very impressed with the size of the brickwork drive. From behind the workman fencing it seemed we may struggle to get 2 cars there, but after last night's recon, 4 looks more likely. Very happy with the back garden as well, which is larger than we predicted and a nice shape. Certainly larger than next door, which is technically a bigger house. I think we'll try and see about getting in tomorrow if possible for a closer look.

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