Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back home

So that's the stag over, and (the golden rule) of course is what goes on during the stag weekend, remains only within the stag weekend. It was an eventful few days and plenty of things and beveridges were consumed during its lifespan.

Being right on the Quayside was an ideal location and a very reasonably priced one. I'd certainly like to go back, as I've not been in Newcastle for at least a decade beforehand and that's terrible. The area has undergone a similar resurrection along the lines of Edinburgh's Shore area. The price of drink has also risen sharply.

You do have to hand it to the geordie women who wear little or nothing - even in freezing conditions. I'm just glad I'm now married and settled; therefore avoiding the pressures of chasing skirt and being all cool in a pub. Some guys must really put themselves under pressure every weekend. The fools.

And the game which Newcastle won (3-1 vs Bolton) was very entertaining, as was the tremendous climb up to the seat. I cannot believe how much the club has grown since my last visit to St James. An amazing sight, sitting up in the top area of the Sir John Hall stand, gazing down on the pitch. I will go back again, and it was great to see Shearer score before he retires.

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