Sunday, March 19, 2006

As my Xbox Live profile indicates I've been playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter this weekend. Excellent.

It's good that the XBox 360 is now receiving some of the quality releases it's been crying out for. Many publishers pushed back release dates to work on titles, but also to hit the market when the ownership of the console was more sizeable. Add into that equation the change from MS by not including a hard disk as standard, and many developers have had to rethink their releases.

Such issues mean a glut of releases towards the Easter period now. At £50 a pop, it's not an ideal scenario (or £40 if you go online). Either way its a sizeable chunk of spare cash if you snap up a couple - especially for the gamer who is no longer single and living at home. You have more commitments.

Out there on the shelves at the moment are GRAW, Burnout Revenge (or whatever the latest one is called) and Fight Night Round 3. Add to that list in the coming weeks the latest Tomb Raider (which promises to be a return to form) and Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and that's the best part of £200ish gone.

Although I would really like Tomb Raider and Oblivion, I really have to make choices. Especially with the forthcoming move and associated costs etc. Oblivion wins out for me, as it is next gen and following the game on the official site, the developer has put so much into the release. Tomb Raider is a multi-format release (translation; compromise) however Eidos has stated they have done all sorts with the 360 release. So fingers crossed.

Back to GRAW, which I'll talk about more, later.

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