Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Apprentice

It's Apprentice night on BBC2 and perhaps one of the few programmes I will attempt to catch - helped by the fact M enjoys it as well. It's only the second series in the UK - even though America is on 4 or 5 - and quality, rather than quantity sums it up.

Part of the attraction is seeing these ego-maniacs, boasting of their own brilliance and talents, brought back down to earth with common sense tasks that many of us could perform with ease. Already we've had grown men crying our just asking us to respect their space. Pathetic.

And not forgetting seeing how quickly the back-stabbing commences from all sides. It is wonderful television but reminds us all of how wrongly we place our values and priorities in life. Perhaps in a few years Richard Morgan's Market Forces will come true.

Oh, and the book I did pick out was Accelerando by Charles Stross, due to the high position it is receiving in many "best of 2005" book lists. Just under 2 hours till the auction closes, fingers crossed...

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